Boy and Girl (Curtis Patreon Reward #1)
So I admittedly owe Curtis a free sketch/photo a month backlogged for the last.... let's just say MANY months that he's been so generously supporting me on this here site. He requested art that satisfied a minimal, East Asian sort of aesthetic. So here's my first attempt at a sort of Japanese-style/watercolor-style thingamabob featuring his two adorable Maine Coon cats. Reference was a photo I took last fall when Ken and I visited the area!

All digital, but I used Wet Media brushes and treated it like a layer of washes as you would real ink. I also tried to use a lot of sepia and black washes since that's the main two colors of ink I use when I do this kind of stuff. Other colors were only used as accents. Managed to pull this off in about six hours, give or take. But that's only because I can't draw a straight line to save my life... Art Confessions.