The Boy from Braxton Creek, Part 1 Chapters

Professor Galen Willoughby finds himself drawn into a world of secrets  and darkness when he meets up with an elusive former student named Seth  Gentry, in Best-Selling Author Kira Takenouchi's thrilling tale, The Boy  From Braxton Creek, Part 1. Author's Note: This tale may be too dark for some readers.

Music: Theme to the Boy from Braxton Creek 

Chapter 1: A Boy Named Seth 

Chapter 2: Love and Rain

Chapter 3: Seth's Secrets 

Chapter 4: Revelations

Chapter 5: Braxton Creek 

Chapter 6: Seth's Box

Chapter 7: Seth's Spanking

Chapter 8: The Path of the Mind

Chapter 9: Galen's Promise 

The Boy from Braxton Creek, Part 2 

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