The Boy with the Long Shadow Is Disappearing

Those of you who enjoyed or will enjoy "The Boy with the Long Shadow" may want to read and reread it now, before it's gone. 

The way I see it, this is a good thing. When I wrote "The Boy with the Long Shadow" I had submitted it for publication under Made Up Words on Medium. I'm elated that MUW accepted it. As many of you know, I'm a fan. Now that Made Up Words is migrating to its own platform, the boy and his strange friend may or may not be going with them. I'm not clear on when the story will disappear from Medium, if it will, but this much is sure: 

After it's gone, the only way you can read the story will be to subscribe to Made Up Words. Go to the website and scroll down to where it says "Subscribe Here."

A subscription to Made Up Words is very reasonable. Prices start at $5 for new stories sent to you each month, plus gifts for members only. The first month is $1. You can't go wrong, and you'll be helping Made Up Words #paytheartists.

What about the Sequel?

Part 2 is in the works, but its home has not yet been decided. It could be here for patrons only. I'm also thinking of submitting Part 2 to Made Up Words - if MUW will have it - to join Part I. 

Where do you think the sequel belongs? Vote on this poll now.

Know anyone who enjoyed The Boy with the Long Shadow, or would? Or anyone who has been waiting for Part 2? Please share this announcement with them.

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