Boyko Short Stories. Part 1
It was raining cats and dogs and the whole city was pouring but it was just another Monday morning for Boyko. He was sitting on the desk of his news studios sipping his coffee and smoking his cigarette. Newspaper was lying on his table and he was scheduled to host his regular morning show in the studios. His entire fist was hurting because he tried to beat up the new security guard of his office earlier in the morning who asked him to prove his identity before entering the building. It wasn’t just a beating but actually a fight. The security guard was later joined by his fellow guards and they gave an extra breakfast to Boyko for his behavior. 

It wasn’t the first time when the scandalous Boyko got himself into trouble at work. Just a month earlier he was suspended for a week for harassing his co-host of the show, Emily on air by pinching her thigh under the desk while she was reading morning newspaper. Emily was a fresh graduate in electronic media studies and had recently joined the local network but due to the incident, she couldn’t take the embarrassment as she screamed live on air and Boyko laughed hard watching her do that.

It was known about Boyko that he could punch a President if he wanted to. He was rude, ruthless, attitudinal and always used to get himself into trouble. Make up girl tried her best to hide the marks of the punches from the security guards of the building from the face of Boyko but this actually resulted in a funny make up. Not happy with his make up, he was reluctant to go live this morning but had no other option. To his surprise, at the last minute, his arch nemesis Ted showed up to join as his co-host. Ted was the senior news editor and occasionally used to fill in as a co-host if an anchor was on leave. He was away for a summer vacation. When he heard of what Boyko did to Emily, he was determined to get his revenge. 

As the countdown began, Boyko opened the program with his usual intro and welcomed back Ted on the air. Ted with a huge smile greeted the audience and took the first live call of the show and asked the called how was his day. The caller was the security guard Boyko tried to beat up earlier in the morning. It was all planned. Boyko was furious but he couldn’t do much. Upon Ted’s inquiry, that guard narrated the incident of how Boyko got beat up and his funny southern accent and the tale itself made everyone in the studio and at home laugh.

 Boyko had tears in his eyes as it was the most embarrassing thing ever happened to him. Top top it all off, Ted asked the producer to roll the CCTV footage of that incident on air and the whole city saw how the security guards beat up Boyko like a gourmet meal. After embarrassing Boyko on the air, Ted fired him and made him walk away on air. Everyone clapped as they saw Boyko leaving their network. 

The remaining show was hosted by Ted alone and each caller kept on requesting to play that video again as it was the funniest thing they had ever seen. Boyko was running like a thief while screaming like a baby and the guards were chasing and beating him with their wooden staffs. This made everyone’s day except for Boyko who never joined another network because the video of his beat up was already viral on the internet and wherever he went, people looked at him and laughed hard. This one simple incident changed his entire life and personality.