Brad Barnhard Show - Ep 24 - Youtube Cracks Down On Child Exploitation
Youtube finally has made a concerted effort to target channels that exploit children and pander towards pedophiles.  With over 50 plus channels removed, channels reaching millions of subscribers and even cracking the top 100 were taken down.  But my positive feelings towards this particular reaction of theirs does little to change my personal feelings about many of their policies, so I go over all of the wonderful alternatives to Youtube, Twitter, and the other major players.

In this episode we take advantage of the lull in the news as of late and dive into some topics we missed over the last few months, mainly surrounding artificial intelligence.  We take a look at a new, creepy AI based phenomenon sweeping Youtube as well as Chinas recent declaration to artificial intelligence superiority by 2030.  I also make what will hopefully be my last comments the sexual assault allegations sweeping the news.  All that and more as always on this episode of The Brad Barnhard Show.

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