Brad's Cactus Shack - What's Your Bid?
In this milestone episode of Brad's Cactus Shack, I grace you all with radio auction pranks I did in the 1980's that contain comedic on-the-air gold like "Duuuhhhh, bid on football..." and just yelling garbled crap until the hosts hang up on me.  You don't want to miss this episode.

During post editing I realized that "dr" might mean deaf relay, but all of those messages began with dr, even the ones that were just regular voicemails left on my machine about wrasslin' tapes and stuff.

Want to know the time and temperature in Alton, IL?  Call 618-465-4545.  I've been calling this number regularly my entire life.  As a kid I called it each morning before school to find out how much walking to school would suck.  As an adult I still call it at least once a month when I'm testing out new phone equipment or making sure my show recordings sound okay.   

I'm kind of sad that the number was recently taken over by a new company and it sounds nothing like it used to.  Before it was always run by St. Anthony's hospital and would contain advertisements for dying old people by a lady who sounded like Pat Fleet.  Now it's all computerized and is run by a local website.  Awesome of them to take it over though, so it didn't die.

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