Brainspace in development, and rambles
Greetings! Im at my studio getting ready for Horrorhound Weekend. When I get back I can pick out what to send in packages - I might even see if I can get other people to add things to the crazymail this weekend, since I'll be around a lot of crazy people!

In other news, I feel like My brainspace is developing - I'm wanting to bring a more solid narrative to some of the random that explodes from my mind. I will be writing more often, which may also inspire new images.
You guys help me have the time to do this, and help inspire my passion to keep going.

I almost thought about putting a hold on everything until I find out what I'm doing next and where I'm going artistically. Then I realized that most of the people who have stayed with me this long already know that there is no solid definition to my work, and thus possibly (?) already expect the unexpected - Sooo... I'll keep going and you can be sure that every month has the potential to be different. Certain things may come in waves, and there will always be flecks of chaos within the depths of these waters.
I wish I could show you the visions in my head. More posts soon.

(THE IMAGE ABOVE: this is an unfinished piece I dug out from behind some other unfinished pieces. I started it a while ago and put it away. It kept making me mad, as it wasn't turning out how I wanted it. I don't know why I haven't painted over it yet. This invariably happens with some of my larger works. In the end, I am satisfied, but sometimes they like to stew untouched for many months. I can't wait until I finally dive in again and see where it goes, or where it doesnt. I'll share what happens when I attack it. )