Brand New Audio Teasers
Good morrow gentlecreatures! I am EXTREMELY TIRED, because, if you count this project as a job (and I do, among other designations), then I have three jobs, and one of them is in the middle of midterms. So that's so fun! But that's not why we're here, today. No, we're here today because I'm publicly releasing audio teasers for our audio posts. One this weekend for "From Norma to Normalization," and one next weekend (probably) for "On The Invisible Architecture of Bias." Ultimately I'm doing this because I'm vain. Obviously. I mean, I feel like I have something worth saying, and I want a crap ton of people to engage me saying it. Why else would I ask you lovely entities to pay money to read or hear my words? On the OTHER hand, many of you fine creatures HAVE Paid Money to read and hear my words, with that access to certain configurations of what I have to say being one of the extra special things you all get. In fact, it's The Whole Deal, right? So: A conundrum. How do *I*, a long-winded narcissist, present to the whole world information that *I*, a being of my word, promised would be exclusive to my patient and appreciated subscribers? And then, exhausted, stuck in traffic, telling my mother about this project, it hit me: AUDIO TEASERS. Wait. That's not a reveal. I already said that. Shit… Anyway, I conferred with the brilliant UnknownBinaries, who agreed that it seemed like a good idea, and so, here we are. The idea is that you'll use these teasers to give your friends and loved ones whom you think might be interested in this project a little taste of what we're all about over here. I tried to give a good smattering of the conversation, without giving the whole game away, but I'm REALLY not in the best position to judge how well I succeeded at that. See the aforementioned Extreme Tiredness. Also, if this sounds all cut up and jumbled, that's…because…it is? I don't even know, anymore… This could have been way more professional, but that wouldn't have been very honest, now would it?
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