Brand New Site Design!
Hello there!

I've spent the past week redesigning my review site, to make it easier to navigate and easier to find whatever you might be looking for. For the past year I'd just been using a reviewer WordPress plugin and that was fine, it served its purpose, but I wanted there to be a way to see what score a game got without having to do all the scrolling to the end of each post. 

Enter the Explicit theme (from Industrial Themes)! With this theme, you can easily find reviews in several ways. At the top of the page, you'll find all of my most recent reviews and if you're just looking for the score and don't care about the reasoning, you can see that by just hovering over it. This section includes games from Xbox, PS4 and PC, but if you want to break it down by console, you can do that up in the menu bar.

Below the most recent reviews, you'll find excerpts from all recent posts.

Next, you'll find a small section devoted to any posts about games and mental health.

A new feature of this design is the ability for viewers to review the games, following the same criteria I used.

I hope the new design makes finding whatever review you're looking for much easier (and of course, prettier, with my awesome color scheme).

Now that the redesign is complete, I'll be back to reviewing!