So AiD has been doing this Patreon thing for a while now and we're getting the hang of how things work around here. We've always wanted to do a physical, custom one off piece artwork that's exclusive to Patreon but wanted to test the waters before we went ahead and made such a thing. Hare-san and I have tested multiple companies at various different prices/quality and finally have found a print factory where a colorist will sit through the print process for every artwork we send. I don't know what magic these people use but this has yielded impeccable color reproduction and a higher dynamic range than the original PSD artwork as a result! A standard computer monitor just doesn't do the colors justice. This thing is quite beautiful. 

Check out the attached photos (24MP = 6000x4000px) for more detailed shots. 

The art above is not A3 size. It is a test print we did and is significantly smaller than A3 because these things are quite expensive to make. Don't mind the size but the details reflect the final quality of the print you will receive.


Everything above (excluding vibaelia tier) 

・Custom 2 character fault artwork drawn at A3 print size (metric: 297mm x 420mm, imperial: 11.69 x 16.53 inches) printed on an A3 canvas, signed by ALICE IN DISSONANCE's in-house artist Konatsu Hare (and Director Munisix if requested).

・Full PSD of A3 drawing.

AiD will closely work with you to make the best quality print possible from start to finish. 

*This is a tier that we are currently testing. Price may rise in the future if costs including safe shipping goes over our speculated amount. 

*Please step down from the tier once your 1 month is up to clear room for the next patron. Thanks!

We're not sure if this tier will ever get filled but thanks for hearing us out.

Stay tuned for more regular updates, coming very very soon!!