Brandenburg Festival, a poem

knights in the city plundering
burning, destroying
flames red as anger throwing smoke
swords flashing with clangs or fleshly thuds
houses collapsing, timber on fire
glow on faces of newly enslaved
tears glittering in the darkness
led away to a brutal death
in some god-forsaken land

old man shedding his crown
thrown into the river at the bridge
maybe he will escape
although they want him alive:
the fallen king running away
at the end of it all

a figure from the dark emerges
like a ghost from a fog
narrow of face and sharp of eyes
in his hand just a wand
his cloak reflects starlight

on the road he stops a man
an old man running scared
“which way to Brandenburg?”
sizing him up at once
the lost king points back
“but even a wizard cannot stop this”
the hand on the wand relaxes
“we’ll see, won’t we”
and marches on
toward the glow in the distance

at the gate of the city
a large stone arch licked by flames
the cloak is thrown back
his armor is blinding
thin chain mail of adamantine
glowing brighter than the sun
chasing away darkness

he can be seen for miles
his voice is like thunder
“Hermione where are you?”
one hundred thousand souls are shaken
by the voice in the light

in the tower, in the dungeon
Hermione hears his voice
“Harry!” she thinks at once
words in her heart only

that was enough, he heard her call
running as a lightning bolt
time suddenly stilled
he makes his way to the tower
before anyone can see
Hermione is free

a rage comes to Dramunstorg
who stormed Brandenburg for her
“get that foolish wizard
bring me his head on a pike”
the knights turn to obey

from a small box he carries
he gives her a wand
“we must fight now”
“we must”

Brandenburg is restored
Dramunstorg is routed
slaves freed and crown dredged out
knight corpses burned on a pyre

the land is surveyed
back in order
farms and shops produce again
a festival is organized
for two guests of honor

but wait, where did they go
they were here just yesterday
and now they’ve disappeared

wizards come and go as they please

even if just to spend time together
working on spells under the stars
and consuming secret vows
skipping out on festivals
preferring their own company
books, artifacts
wands of magic and might
and kisses in moonlight

Written January 11, 2018. Part of Two Hearts. Next: Wrist.

(For a Harry Potter fan.)

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