Brass & Mortar now on a Monthly Campaign
Alright! Little update. I've changed my Patreon to a monthly campaign, and I've resorted my goals and rewards to reflect the new system. This allows for more flexible nature of content without worrying about what I should make a paid piece or when I should release them. The goals are now on a monthly basis, meaning they went up since I was originally basing my goals at an average of one piece of content per week. The rewards also have been adjusted, and I used the Fibonacci sequence to reflect the order of magnitude (yes I realize magnitude is done by powers to the decimal, but bare with me). The idea is, since every larger square encapsulates the rewards gained by the previous square, it would make sense. Yay math! For those who had already subscribed and asked for rewards, do not fear, I'm still going to honor those. Additionally, for the upper rewards in the hundreds, I came up with something creative. I've always been trying to figure out a good way to make payment plans available for people wanting to commission me for clothing. Since paid commissions are so expensive, payments help out rather than paying a huge lump sum. So I added those, and to my astonishment the Fibonacci sequence also accurately reflected the amount needed for making such levels of clothing! This is due to amount of cloth/trimmings, and the extra work needed to make those garments. Again, yay math! The rewards are actually a discount compared to the prices I have on my Etsy page. This should really encourage people to become customers I'm hoping, and it'll just lead to more content creation. More projects means more footage to make learning material!