brass band shirts - campaign is live!
editing this post to add: today i decided i want to donate a portion of the proceeds of this shirt (if there are any) to the roots of music program. at least $3/shirt and possibly more if i sell more shirts. (the last several times i've run this campaign i've only sold a handful of shirts, so my profit margin on those was less than $5/shirt... but if i sell more shirts, then i make more per shirt and can therefore donate more.)

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so i'm pretty sure all of you who are patrons of mine are also connected to me via other social media, meaning i think you've all already seen this...  in fact i'm pretty sure many of you already own one! but i'm placing it here as a unfiltered post to maybe reach other patreon folks who might happen by my page. it's up for 7 days and then goes to print - as long as 2 more shirts are ordered.

here's the link:

oh, and if anyone ever thinks of using patreon to make/sell a shirt, please consider using my referral link. i think we both get something out of it. thanks!