Brave New World Update (May 4TH 2017)
 It's been awhile since I made a long post about "Brave New World". Even though it's a side project for me, It has deep meaning in the fact I gave up art for six years to learn game programming. Now this project makes me feel less stupid in the fact that I can view that time as not wasted.

During my Indie Game Days I made a few friends. One of them was the Guys at Photon. They Rock!! I was looking at their new Networking package "Bolt". I emailed them asking when their next sale was. And they were nice enough to send me back a FREE License for 100 Players. That is the Amazing part I miss about game production! Some people out there Really Care..

So now after a couple of months we have a bunch of new software toolkits. It's my job to get them all to work together. The tools alone is 5.4 Gigs of data.

Now the things I am considering are:

Giving My Patrons founder status and early access to the game.

Setting up a Twitch channel for the game.

Possibly doing a Kickstarter. (Although my first one Sucked Big Time!!)

Either way I am going to spend a couple of days getting the game on track.

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