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The Brave Truth-Teller
I've met this guy dozens of times - the (typically) white (typically) male guy who seems to be constantly patting himself on the back for his own bravitude in stating forbidden views that, somehow, despite being forbidden and despite the iron grip that "political correctness" has on our national dialog, people are in fact saying all the time.

Some of these folks - Jordon Peterson comes to mind - have really built a brand on this silliness. Arguably, Donald Trump was elected president on this silliness.

Speaking of which, this comic originally had a different kicker, which I had actually drawn before trading it for the one I used.

As my mom pointed out to me, the Trump comparison is so obvious that it pretty much goes without saying, so why even say it? (Also, looking at it now, "massive" might be taken as a fat joke, which certainly wasn't my intent.)

This one took FOREVER to draw! In my original layout, panel 3 pretty much looked like panel 2, except with a crowd gathered in front of the main character. But repeating the layout like that just seemed so boring... So I decided to use this bird's eye perspective instead. 

It was an interesting challenge, I had fun drawing it, and in the end there were 36 (I think) people visible in that panel. See above re: Taking forever. I hope y'all enjoyed looking at it!

In panel 2, if you look in the far background on the right, you can see a tiny figure way in the distance, also waving his arms and yelling. That was my little (literally) nod to how these folks, despite their worship of their own individuality, are really a common type one runs into again and again. 

For the final panel, I tried to make it look just a bit more "real"; more detailed coloring and shading, and populating his room with some details (an open book, sneakers kicked off on the floor, etc), to contrast with the character's daydream.

Once again, I'm running late this month, partly because I'm enjoying a lovely vacation with my family in Ithaca, NY, partly because this one took so much longer to draw than usual, and partly because I've just lost track of the schedule. I do have another couple of cartoons already started, so I'm hoping to be able to post two more cartoons in the next week. (But we'll see how it goes!)

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Stay well, have a wonderful weekend, and I'll be back with a new cartoon soon,