Brawler Café Card Database Coming Soon!

Hello brawlers, Lykun here with a preview for you, and to ask for your help!

The images above are a work-in-progress preview of a card page design for our website, Brawler Café. We're working on a database that'll allow easy viewing of all cards in Bakugan Battle Planet. Our goal at the moment is to create THE go-to resource for searching cards while building decks.

The initial development of this database has a cost, however. This is why we're opening a Patreon to ask for help. 

I can pay for it over time with my paychecks so we'll have it up no matter what. But with your help, we can bring this project to life much sooner! Of course, only help if you're financially able, you should be your own priority. But if you can spare even a dollar, it would help us out!


~ Lykun