Name: Braziests

Kingdom: Animal

Best setting: Fantasy 

Bio and Anatomy: Braziests are life forms, that are humanoid in nearly every sense. From the neck down they are no different from any other human. From the tip of the neck up, they are very different. They have no head. Instead a large nose takes the place of the head. This nose can actually speak and function as two mouths, able to say two different things at once. Both nose holes can be used to breathe at once. The brain is located towards the back end of the head. Making the front of the nose a safe place to target. The back of the head is very delicate. They have hearing receptors in the back of their head as well. If they were to have the back of their head covered they would not be able to hear. In addition this is the cause behind the strange traditions of Braziers communicating with one facing the others backside. They have unimaginable smelling capabilities while allow them to maneuver themselves around similar to echolocation but through scent. In addition they do not require food or water they simply require the scent of good food. It can be noted that when they smell something enough it permanently loses its scent. When they pass gas it's known to be one of the most nauseating possible events. They are faster, and stronger, than the average human at least by three times. they can eliminate all toxins and dangers inside their bodies with a sneeze and they can regenerate any damage in a matter of days, if the brain isn't destroyed.

History: Despite having higher thinking capabilities, unlike humans the Braziests did not advance quite as much. They did not develop far into sciended mathematics, politics, and the like. They live in an almost tribal fashion. However their fashion has greatly advanced and it matches if not predicts and surpases human trends. They are not hostile and will not attack people unless they are attacked themselves. They were discovered by traveling scientists looking for rare medicinal herbs. They discovered the the Braziests have amazing talent for locating medicinal plants and the scientists work with them to advance the field of medicine.

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