Bread & Water
Alas no author can subsist 

Alone on bread and water.

And thus, this fact applies as well

to your Naked Blonde Writer.

Mathematically dyslexic from the start

Cash is a concept which sickens her heart.

But forced to the brink,

Forced to think,

She happened upon a calculator...

Lo and behold, what did she find there?

Figures far more rigid than her own:

Should every follower be 


One English Pound Per Week,

The Naked Blonde Writer could Write

Right, write right. 

Write Naked all night.

Post in the morning.

For One English Pound per week.

Write it, post it, record it, film it.

For One English Pound per week.

What price for Courageously Vulnerable Naked Literature

Do those of you who came seven years ago think?

You came essentially for the Nudity, this we know.

You stay on board for the books.

For One English Pound per week, 

We can back away from this brink

And write the next episode for all Avid Readers, Attentive Listeners

Glorious Voyeurs.

Alas need not be the last word...

Your Naked Blonde Writer anticipates... 

For One English Pound Per Week...

Naked Literature to be continued.