A break down of Rewards, and hey, suggestions?
Hello everyone! Thanks for taking the time, I really appreciate it. I hope you're feeling good about yourselves today, and if you're not...well..I hope it gets better, so why not come have a sit with us in the meanwhile? So I wanted to talk about a couple of things today, well really just one because the other is a question!


So the first thing I wanted to talk about was the rewards and how the perks function based on your donation! However I want it to be known that no matter how much you donate, everyone gets alerted when a new digital work is released! Once your payment has been received for the month, based on your perk, you will be given proper links to download the files of your choice! Lastly, I'll be posting up sketches to all backers until the end of the month regardless of how much you are donating! So with that, let's get started!

The $1 entry is something I am very thankful for, and I mean that. I know there are no rewards and goodies but that doesn't mean you won't be included in some bigger things in the future. This will include little contests and raffles! Promise!

The $5 perks are where you get to see a lot of my work in the sketch phase. You not only get to see what I'll be working on before it's released into the wild but generally you get to see the pre-digital designs and how they differ. Nowhere else will I be posting these! Once your payment has been processed I will note you and you may choose one of either paid projects " My Self Exile " or " Arbinel and the dark dreamers "

The $15 perks gets you links to both paid projects and the currently complete supportive projects. These also include a few mini comics  " Dark Place " " Fangs for the conversation " " Spooky Times 2 " and " stone Heart "

The $25 perks are for a matter of convenience as well as seeing some of my projects and work I haven't even released yet! This also covers one shot page series such as " Machine " " Flutter " " The Forest " and " Monster " and as much as I want to tell you the things I have under wrap...well.. You'll just have to see for yourself! Regardless, you get access to everything..accept my solo art pieces. I'm sorry guys but you would be chugging on a near 3 gigs of RAR folder if I went all out like that.

The $35 perk is..well..it's the same as the $25!!! I'm sorry, this was just an extra option if you were feeling way too generous!


                  With that in mind, I wanted to ask you all a question!

I cannot tell you how excited I am that you have chosen to support my work, or maybe you're still deciding which is just as fine, take your time! However I don't just want this to be about convenience or sneak peeks! More than that, I want this to be just as rewarding for you if not more, so it comes down to this...

            If you have suggestions for perks or rewards, please tell me! 

If there is anything I want to make happen, it's incentivizing your continued support and also making each month more than updates to various series and projects. I would also love to hear any of your thoughts on a goal, because we just need an excuse to make something big happen eventually! Heck, I would love to figure out the best way to reward those of you that chose the $35 perk b-because you really didn't have to do that and..I love you! If you're still on the fence or feel this is good only for a one time support, well just message me and let's see about giving you that extra reason to continue with us.  


Thanks for taking the time, and if you have any questions, suggestions, or concerns, please just message myself and I'll be certain to get back to you as soon as possible! You be good now, I believe in you!