Breakfast of Health and Economy in Cotacachi
I freely present to each of you a recipe of mine for a healthy and economical breakfast....

Time allotted for this delicacy... 12 minutes

1. Butter a fry pan and heat until fully melted

2. Slice into small portions: Jalapeños, Cheese, Tomatoes and Onions

3. Separate the mixture into two portions and place into the hot fry pan

4. Cook mixture until it sufficiently dries

5. Break two eggs over the top of each side and cook as you like 

6. Put two small slices of healthy grain bread into the toaster

7. Butter the toast and remove the fried eggs with a spatula 

8. Place on a plate at a decorative table with colorful living flowers

9. Pray and enjoy. (You may want to talk about living economically)

Local Ecuadorian cost for one "Cotacachi Special"  

     Butter - $.15 - Mixture - $.20 - Eggs - $.20 - Bread - $.10  - Total - $.65

In my opinion, a fair menu price for the Metro Diner would be $2.99 ($3.99 if coffee is included) What a family legacy it would be if Metro Diner, the one near Andy and Kristen's home in Jacksonville, would place it on their menu as the "Cotacachi Special."  - KA

Or, better yet, prepare at home for your family and call it the "Cotacachi Special." (Variations as per request can be graciously applied) 


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Gracias and Adios...  Kenny Allen