Breaking Arrows
Almost three months ago, one of the biggest scandals to hit the video game industry rocked the social media circles of game developers, publishers, journalists, and the gamers alike. Like a series of tumultuous demolition explosions, a series of events ripped through that scene, leaving some people throwing accusations, others trying to cash in for five minutes of fame, and many many more that were simply bewildered, and suddenly told by the very media that covered their industry which they previously trusted telling them that they are dead, and they are just angry because secretly, they are sexist, racist, violent, assholes, who hate women and the LGBT community. That generalisation went over, as you might imagine, like a lead balloon, and the #GamerGate movement has risen to challenge that, and the corruption these scandals revealed. This series isn't about the personalities. It's about the gamers in between. These are their stories and views. Read the full article here:
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