Breaking Jade Raffle Winner

Well, picking the raffle winner has now become automated since it's a lot easier than snipping out dozens and dozens of pieces of paper lol and as you can see from the picture, I'm doing the entries like I mentioned previous so the longer you've been here and the higher your tier the more entries you get. 

So, the winner of the signed copy of Breaking Jade is HARLEY!

I got some other cool raffle things in the works. I was thinking of something like letting the winner choose the character and perhaps the topic of a short story that will be in Fallocaust Short Stories. I also have some Dek'ko merchandise currently in the works. Who wants their own physical can of Good Boy or Fois Ras? And once I get off my ass and put it in the works (poor April, I'm sorry) I'm going to get the t-shirts on the go too.

I appreciate you guys so much. I feel bad since unlike, say, podcast patreons or comic book patreons Im not releasing new content every week or anything. But Im constantly thinking of incentives to keep all you guys here, and am completely open to ideas. I'm also planning on posting my audio books here as I do them and letting everyone have a sneak peak at them too as they get made. 

I hope everyone is having a good month. I can't believe it's February already, jesus!