Breakthrough!!! Setback!!!
An idea for the Scarecrow's dress has been elusive, on the tip of my brain (ha!) but ill-formed, like a tickle in your nose that wants to be a sneeze but you can't get it to catch to get it out. Working on the Lioness right now. Couldn't find gold marabou for her boa at Michael's yesterday, unfortunately, but I did buy some goldy-brown feathers for a possible headpiece though. Her dress was supposed to be like a '20s flapper dress with a fur stole (marabou boa) but now that the fur stole is out of the question, I have to rethink her whole outfit. :o/ One step forward, two steps back...oh well, spending the day listening to murder podcasts and drawing pretty ladies sounds like a pretty great day to me either way. :o)