The Brevity of Thought
 Good day, dear friends! Today’s poem came in a somewhat difficult moment in my daily spiritual practice recently. As a Nicherin buddhist, I chant everyday to centre myself, connect with my own wisdom and to make great causes so that I can make opportunities, take action and bring about change in my life and the lives of those around me. The point is that a spiritual practice is exactly that, a practice, you keep on trying everyday to better yourself, to advance in your own human revolution. These times can be difficult, and negative tendencies can come out but if we have the conscious awareness to see them for what they are, simple tendencies that can be broken or changed, we can progress, grow, expand, and take control over our own existence…

The brevity of thought,

carving restlessness in time.

Momentary insanity bathed in the slow motion slipstream of your day.

The mind calls to the nomadic wanderer like a banshee holding a court of one.

Is there anything that separates reality from your walking on water,

before nervous fervour sets in, and the pained self returns?

To delight is not to think, but to feel,

it is to breathe while laughing in the pensive face of existentialism,

it is to embrace the earth as you walk.

To embrace the heart as you talk.

And, to clear the lane of free radicals.

Is there a man not blind,

a woman not borne of life,

who might grasp thy palm,

treasure thy psalm.

and give of their heart and their time?

Trudging through this thorny path only makes the feet heavier, 

and the spine decline,

as if to lift yet another burden.

But through your diligence you have them all,

and you stoop merely to carry yourself.

The brevity of thought is,

the impetus for the good, bad, ugly.

For I, me, 


A simple illusion to mask,

a total expanse of the divine.

© Jim Rajan, 28rd December 2017

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