Brew Spy: the podcast
Hey Patreon team!

I've been a rather busy as of late with exams around the corner, but I wanted to try some new innovative ways to get some air time and give you guys something to listen to in between streams.

Maybe it's crazy I haven't decided to try making a podcast before, but I want to try now. Let me know what you guys think, this is it going up on the YouTube or anything else public, attached I embedded a link that will take you straight to the podcast please feel free to share it with him ever you please especially if they're magically inclined.

And any feedback is much appreciated, one of the reasons that I am only planning on releasing this to the Patreon's is well one you guys have supported me for a long time now and I think you deserve other perks besides the playlist and instructional videos so I wanted you to have something else that is also exclusive.


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