Brexit and Trump are the Same Crime: The Carole Cadwalladr Interview

We are thrilled to welcome Carole Cadwalladr to Gaslit Nation. Carole is an investigative journalist who breaks major stories on the Kremlin and Mercer-backed Brexit vote, revealing a cast of nefarious characters that were also behind the election of Donald Trump. Her brave reporting, which won her the Orwell Prize and makes her a target of hit pieces, has uncovered the growing vulnerability of elections in a time of kleptocracy. 

Here's a look at just some of her stories: 

British insurance businessman Arron Banks, the largest backer of Brexit and in UK political history by far, donating over 8 million GBP, has some interesting Kremlin connections: "Arron Banks, Brexit and the Russia connection" 

A look at Cambridge Analytica, the militarized propaganda firm that drove both the Brexit and Trump elections: "The great British Brexit robbery: how our democracy was hijacked" 

How Facebook played a destructive role in Brexit: "Our Cambridge Analytica scoop shocked the world. But the whole truth remains elusive" 

Just like with Trump, there's a transnational crime syndicate that disrupted democracy in the UK, and major media, social meda corporations, and impotent officials are complicit. The evidence uncovered just so far is so damning that the UK deserves a second referendum on Brexit, as has been demanded by the growing grassroots movement known as The People's Vote

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has been largely silent on Kremlin meddling in the Brexit vote. That may be the work of Corbyn's chief strategist Seumas Milne, an infamous and shocking supporter of the Kremlin's propaganda on everything from Ukraine (Russia's invasion is the West's fault and Russia's Crimea "referendum" on Ukrainian soil is perfectly legal!), Assad's mass-murdering of Syrians, and sympathy for Maduro in Venezuela despite widespread famine and a growing refugee crisis.

All this and more are discussed in our interview with Carole, the closest thing the UK seems to have at the moment to a Robert Mueller. 

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