Brick And Mortar NEW Autostraddle Comic!
WOW! This month has been wildly busy-and not with art projects! So sorry about that! But hopefully I can get back in the grove as I try to pitch new work to new publishers!

This weekend I am releasing A Quick And Easy Guide To They/Them Pronouns at CAKE in Chicago! So I've been a little overwhelmed making that happen, as well as planning multiple local events and just promotional work in general!

ANYWAYS! Here's my new Autostraddle comic, going up tomorrow on their site.  If you're local to Minneapolis then you'll get this very thinly veiled story of the Townhouse Bar, oldest gay bar is St. Paul, whose ownership just changed to make it into a soccer bar although he "doesn't plan to change anything".

Gay bars are a delicate balance of people and I'm not going to hod my breath that this one disappears as soon as they cancel a drag show for a sports game. BUT! Who knows! It might be that it's not a lucrative business and he sells it again!

Basically this comic is about losing space, something we all know and understand and realize it's just a part of life to some extent. 

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