"Bridge Burning" by Foo Fighters
Dude. Experience the unstoppable drum blasting of Taylor Hawkins. This guy is my favorite combination of cleverness and brute strength. His hits are so hard that I only got two takes on this song before my hand gave out. And yet in no way is his drumming on this record barbaric. Tasteful rock drumming! Hawkins makes the hi hat work for most of the song here. In the verses, keep them tight and throw in some 16th syncopation. For the interlude riffs, open up and let the hats wash a little bit. That way you save riding on the crash just for the big moments. Stroke-wise, there's no secret to this song; it's just an endurance test of how long you can keep that 8th note grid going in your right hand while hitting at arena volume. I failed the test after two takes, so my hand is sore just typing this. Happy shredding!