A Brief History of BigSexyPlush
I started sewing when I was pretty young, being taught by my mom. We made Halloween costumes and little dolls and stuff like that. So I've always been interested in sewing in general, and have been improving my skills through the years with various projects.

About four years ago, I decided to try my hand at making some very small doll-like plushies. It started just as a hobby, then I advertised and sold a few custom dolls on FurAffinity for around $40-$80 each.

One potential customer asked if I could add a "hole" on the plush, and I had to say no because the plush was too small. They really liked my work, and hadn't realized the plush was only 14 inches tall. They asked if I'd be willing to make a life-size anthro cheetah character plush, and add a SPH to it. It turned out pretty well, if a bit doll-like and very simple. But it was my first successful custom "big sexy plush", so it has a special place in my heart, and its likeness has been my mascot ever since.

After posting my first adult plush publicly on FA and a couple other sites, I got a lot of hate, ridicule, and even threats of blackmail and other nasty stuff. It was particularly bad when I started making adult-oriented anthro pony plushies. But I pressed on, hoping that catering to such a niche market would pay off.

It was a shaky start with more than a little opposition, but as I learned more and more about the plush-loving community and related websites, I found many customers and new friends who made the obstacles well worth overcoming. These are people who really cared about plushies and the craft, and they welcomed me warmly.

I established the BigSexyPlush brand and website officially in 2015. The hate mail still comes in from time to time, but it's completely overshadowed by the enormous positive response I get from fans and clients. Plush commissions are my main source of income, and I love what I do.

I have created plushies for clients of all ages, from all around the world, and from different walks of life. I have many clients with social anxiety and other neurodiversities that affect them socially or physically. I'm proud to be able to create plush companions that ease anxiety, and that are enjoyed on a personal level far beyond the face-value of a crafted object, adult-oriented or otherwise.

I'm continuously working to build up my portfolio with both family-friendly and adult-oriented plushies. My goal, heading into the future, is to try and take on more complex and higher-cost custom orders, and only accept a limited number each year (similarly to how many high-quality fursuit crafters schedule their projects). This way, I can focus on making more plushies for direct sales, auctions, and giveaways, as well as more tutorials and behind-the-scenes content.

Thanks for joining me on my plush-filled journey.
Onwards and upwards!