Brief (Political) Encounters
This coming Sunday we are debuting our first annual ten-minute play festival with Brief (Political) Encounters. This particular festival will feature seven ten-minute plays by local playwrights that explore gender roles and stereotypes in the political world.

A year ago we knew we wanted to establish a play festival featuring local playwrights, but the theme was still in discussion. As the primaries took hold, we started to look at the gender roles that are expected and demanded in politics and we wanted to expand upon those issues. Whether you identify as a nasty woman, as an invisible voter among the masses or facing a stereotype that is difficult to break, we want to shine a light on local playwrights' opinions and words. 

So we invite you this Sunday, February 5th at 8PM, at Plays & Players in Philadelphia, to attend this event. Tickets available online  or at the door. And then afterwards stick around to talk about what else we can do to battle these issues in our current and future political climate.

In addition - as a Patron donor, we want to ask YOU for your thoughts on our next Brief Encounters theme. In our next Patron-only post we will be offering several options to choose from for our 2018 Brief Encounters: ten-minute play festival. So if you'd like to join in on the conversation - no time like the present to become a patron!