Brigitte & Charlotte, Part 4 - $10 release

We promised, and we delivered! Third update in two months, and it's a major one! Oh boy, we are on fire!

This time it packs some extra spice. Like, the top of the line spice, the one you can stay in four hour line for. Though, before you start savouring it, we must make it extremely obvious: We gave Charlotte some extra screen time, and by that we mean "handcuffs and two consensual adults" type of screen time. Not because we wanted to pivot from Brigitte, but because without it her character would feel flat, especially when it comes to their promised group session. Don't worry, Brigitte is still there, and in future there will be even more, but our chronic need of properly writing every remotely important character forced us to expand upon Charlotte just a little bit more. She's just too precious! Though, don't take us wrong, there is still a lot you might want to see, we made sure of that. Head image is a good example.

But what exactly should you expect this time? Well, good old major story update: New scenes, a lot of new story, romance, memes. Good stuff. All the things you like.

Without further ado, Brigitte & Charlotte! Yes, they are finally back!


Just talk to Brigitte in her workshop and ask her about "group session". That should do the trick.



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