Bring Back Poochie
We all felt that knife in the guts when one of the freshest, most vibrant and life-affirming characters to grace the Simpsons in years, our beloved Poochie, was callously killed off in a hastily cobbled together infamous episode (see pic above).

well, with your assistance my loyal patrons, I would like to Bring Back Poochie!

Now, I'm not going to lie, this will take some doing, but let me tell you, I am so super charged and up for this, i will not rest until all avenues of appeal are exhausted (once some funding starts rolling in to get things started of course).

so the core of my plan is, we need to raise enough to purchase and employ a team of highly trained webmasters to ensure as much traffic is diverted out way as possible using all the very latest techniques such as tagging, hashtags and such.

only then will we begin to get enough leverage to put the squeeze on that bastard murdering Groenig and see the hero we hold dearest in our hearts re-instated to his rightful position within the Simpsons canon, as a character who is given the opportunity to live, learn, grow, and ,yes, ill say it love.

you know this is important.

since you are kicking so much financial ass with your cryptocurrency lately, it's almost like giving me free money for free when you really think about it!