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British Airways Full Flight | Leeds Bradford to London Heathrow | Airbus A319 (with ATC)
A full length full flight video in real time with British Airways, from Leeds Bradford to London Heathrow, onboard Airbus A319 G-EUOF operating flight BA1341 on September 30 2016.

**Every moment of the flight included from airport to airport. ATC for entire flight.**

Our journey begins outside Leeds Bradford airport on a chilly autumn morning.  We walk into the airport and terminal, heading through security to airside on this busy morning.

We are soon called for boarding through gate 8, and board our ride down to London today, Airbus A319 G-EUOF.  As we board the aircraft the captain is talking to ATC about our departure and asking if we can get an early turn due to the weather to the west of the airport today.

We take our seat in seat 2A, near to the front of this small aircraft.  Before long we get our clearance to pushback, start our engines and taxi to runway 32.  We enjoy a powerful buzzsaw departure from the bumpy runway at Leeds.  We make a left turn towards Manchester, enjoying some great views of northern England on this beautiful morning.  Our cruising altitude is a rather sedate 19,000ft today, FL190.  We are served a snack and coffee on the short flight as we cruise overhead Stoke on Trent and Birmingham.  The news soon comes that as expected we wil have to hold at Bovingdon before commencing our approach, the first officer giving us a great description of our progress and route.

We enter the hold at Bovingdon and are soon cleared to continue our approach under the control of Heathrow Director.  We get a great view over east London and London City Airport on this clear morning as we commence our approach to runway 27L at Heathrow.  We get a very late landing clearance into Heathrow, just a few seconds before crossing the threshold over Myrtle Avenue.  After a smooth touchdown our short flight is over and we taxi to Terminal 5.  As we disembark the aircraft we follow celebrity chef Ken Hom through the terminal as we make our way throught the terminal.  We head straight for the London Underground station at Terminal 5 for our short ride into central London.

Airline:  British Airways 

Flight:  BA1340

Aircraft:  Airbus A319 G-EUOF

From:  Leeds Bradford (LBA)

To:  London Heathrow (LHR)

Departure:  09:46

Arrival:  10:42

Flight Time:  00:56

Seat:  2A

Flight Path:

Key moments in flight:

0:00:02  Outside Leeds Bradford Airport, walking to terminal

0:00:20  Entering the terminal, heading to security

0:02:01  Security

0:03:45  Walking airside to departure lounge

0:08:31  Boarding through Gate 8

0:15:08  Cabin overview during boarding

0:28:37  ATC: Pushback clearance, push and start

0:33:31  ATC: Taxi clearance, taxi to runway 32

0:39:09  ATC: Cleared to enter, backtrack and line up runway 32

0:41:29  ATC: Cleared for take off runway 32, takeoff

0:43:11  ATC: Hand over to Scottish Control

0:49:34  Cabin overview, inflight map

0:53:54  Meal service: Snack (lemon cookies and coffee)

0:55:41  Inflight map

0:58:40  ATC: Hand over to London Control

1:01:51  Top of descent, descending initially to FL150

1:08:16  First officer gives us an update on our route and arrival into Heathrow

1:13:26  ATC: Contacting Heathrow Approach, cleared to enter Bovingdon hold

1:15:20  Entering Bovingdon hold

1:19:50  ATC: Cleared to leave Bovingdon hold and continue approach to 27L

1:20:57  Inflight map

1:27:00  ATC: Contacting Heathrow Director

1:28:36  East London, London City Airport

1:32:42  ATC: Contacting Heathrow Tower, expecting late landing clearance

1:35:19  ATC: Cleared to land on runway 27L

1:35:56  Touchdown on runway 27L, vacating via high speed and contacting ground

1:36:00  Taxi to Terminal 5

1:41:31  Pulling onto stand

1:44:03  Disembarking through forward doors, walking through Terminal 5 to London Underground station.  Spot the celebrity chef we follow off the aircraft ;)