Brittany McLamb Brings It To The Blitz
As I've said many times before how much I love this job! This morning before I even arrived in the studio, an email was waiting for me with a brand new single from country artist, Brittany McLamb. Instantly a smile was brought to my face, and not because the title of her new release, "Drop That Hoe." (the parlance of our times referring to a woman who got around more than the Beach Boys.) But seriously, the Blitz has been a fan of Brittany since we launched the station back in 2013. We were first introduced to the McLamb family, via Brittany's cousin, Lauren. (Also we hear there's some songwriting going on between the looking forward to see what that will bring!)  Soon after, we were spinning Brittany's songs, "All The Little Pieces," and "Mr. Right." Today's track, which was released Friday October, 2nd, is already making the rounds on all the indie stations, and we were thrilled, Brittany gave us an opportunity to share with y'all. 

What was even more exciting was we were able to get Brittany on the phone this morning. If you missed it, you can hear our conversation with her on the shows archive. We were excited to learn that, "Drop That Hoe" is the first of three new songs for an upcoming EP compilation, part of her Fall project. So you can expect two more songs over the new two months.  If you would like a chance to see Brittany performing live, you can do that, Monday October 12th at the "Whiskey Jam"  at 8:00pm

Winners Bar & Grill

1913 Division St

Nashville, TN

And also on Friday November 6, @ 6pm

Garlands and Glitter Fashion Show

Bluegrass Yacht & Country Club

Johnny Cash Pky

Hendersonville, TN

For more information on Brittany's upcoming shows, music and everything else, please visit her official website:






So get on out there, head on over to iTunes, drop that $0.99 and "Drop That Hoe"

and be sure to tell Brittany, Tom Slick sent ya!