Brittany Walden on Mt Lemmon
I took this photo of Brittany last year on Mt. Lemmon in AZ.

I used kit lens (18-55mm) at 24mm. The exposure was set a 1/400 and f/5.0. These were set using manual. The ISO was set to 100, but this was before I realized there was another control that was changing ISO on me, without me realizing it. So the ISO ended up being at 320. I now have that particular mechanism disabled to allow me full control of the ISO. I hadn't purchased my speed light at the time and I did not have reflectors handy.

As for the location, I spotted the two trees and immediately realized they were perfect for framing Brittany and had her pose between them. I kept the settings to capture depth of field in this photo to provide more story as I wasn't taking photos of her face. This turned out to be a very sexy capture in my opinion.

I will begin setting these types of posts as patrons only as I start getting a fan base of patrons, and there are many, many more photos to come.