Broadcast Schedule!
First off big thanks to our first 3  supporters! Ryan, Francesc and Scott! You guys are the first in! Keep your eyes out for a email coming from me through Patreon. It will have a Survey Monkey link that will have the first miniatures that I will be offering demonstration on. You guys will be able to vote on what project I do!

Here are the dates I plan to broadcast live on Twitch over the next month or so.

2/23/2017 @ 3:00pm MST

3/5/2017 @ 3:00pm MST

3/19/2017 @ 3:00pm MST

4/2/2017 @ 3:00pm MST

If there are any changes to the times or dates I will post them up on here and my Facebook page . The broadcasts will also be posted up to my YouTube  channel with in a few days of the broadcast fo viewing at your leisure. 

Finally, there are some rewards that I am going to be posting up over the next few days. These projects will be realted to specific miniatures and have a corresponding financial goal. Once these financial goals are met I will do a specific series on that project. So keep an eye out for those. Thanks again for the support guys.

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