Brochus Class Assault Transport
UEG Navy Brochus Class Assault Transport Length: 1200 meters (~0.75 miles) Crew: 58 The earlier types of FTL drives were dangerously unstable if used too close to a gravity well. Different parts of the ship tended to accelerate at different speeds leading to massive hull fractures and even situations where the engines ripped themselves from the ship outright. Until better FTL techniques were found, this created an environment in which ground-based defenses could cause considerable damage to ships in orbit before anything could ever enter an atmosphere. This was merely accepted as the way of things for the first half of the Martian War of Independence. The anti-orbit guns and missile batteries littered across Mars' surface made the Earth Forces hesitant to commit to an all-out invasion. This lead to the majority of battles being waged in space around colonies and resource deposits such as the asteroid belt. The UEG possessed several Blackmore-Class Juggernauts capable of landing entire legions, waiting until a proper means of ensuring sufficient survival scenarios emerged. Fafnir and other famous ships could win all the space battles they wanted. Until this problem was resolved, there would be no end to the war. Enter the Brochi, massively reinforced hull-armor and additional engine struts coupled with an underpowered FTL drive meant that these ships could exit hyperspace directly within a planet's atmosphere, usually a mere dozen or so kilometers from the surface. Each Brochus carries a battalion and its associated vehicles. More importantly, large installations lack the ability to target ships at such low altitudes. However ships of this size are also highly susceptible to M.A.V. attacks. When the UEG eventually invaded Mars itself, hundreds of Brochi struck at every base and battery identified by recon missions while the Blackmores began dropping everything they had. The Navy engaged the mercenary fleets of Mars but made sure to allocate enough fighters to cover the ground forces in their descent. Once on Mars, the mobile artillery units began their bombardments while fighters and M.A.V.'s engaged the defending armor and interceptors. APC's and speeders rushed to penetrate base defenses, delivering thousands of soldiers to fight in the streets and corridors leading to ground batteries and power cores. It was the bloodiest battle of the war and would remain the battle with the highest number of human casualties for centuries. The standard Brochi tactic is to jump in as close as possible and then "hang" in the air above the target, firing all weapons at anything in sight while dropping vehicles and infantry. These first strikers then hold the line while reinforcements are rained from orbit. Centuries after the war, when newer versions of the Brochi wage wars across the stars in the name of the Earth Union, children on Mars still play in the wreckage of lost vessels, unaware of the horror and bloodshed they once wrought because those that faced their wrath either fell to join them in the dirt and soil of the Red Planet or fled to the farthest reaches of the galaxy to escape the reach of their cousins on Earth. Armaments: 2x Forward Destroyer-Class Beam Cannon 5x Dual Frigate-Class Pulse Cannons on trainable mounting(8 shot bursts, 3 second recharge) 3x Quad Corvette-Class Pulse Cannons on trainable mounting(24 shot bursts, 2 second recharge) 8x Point Defense Anti-Fighter/Missile Lasers 1x Battalion Module 1x Large Rear Vehicle Bay(multiple light vehicle types or 3 M.A.V.'s) 4x Small Lateral Infantry Bay 1x Shuttle Bay(capacity 2) 1x Command Uplink