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Brodog the Messenger
Here's a new sketch video starring Mike Trueman, Myself, and Jacob Trueman. It was written by Matt Hargreaves (part of Eddsworld), and the camera was operated by Mandy Hynes. I set out to make a simple sketch with a fun concept, knowing that what would step it up would be the costume and props. To that end, we hired tons of crusader-style costumes from a mail-order costume shop. We shot on location in Abbey Wood, London, where there's a fantastic ruin open to the public. It was the shoot day from HELL! I had unwittingly scheduled to shoot on the HOTTEST DAY of the year. There was no cloud cover, so we had the sun beating down on us (in our costumes). Sweat, sunburn and blindness are NOT good conditions for filming. I even worried the camera would malfunction in the heat... Costume hire came to around £150 for the weekend, with a further £10~ to buy 'parchment' supplies. We also licensed two pieces of music for the soundtrack, one called 'Theatrum Instrumentorium' by Aleksander Sasha Karlic and one called 'The Thief' by Disasterpiece. It was shot over the course of one day, and edited over three for revision-making. We hope you enjoy it! As always, your support is awesome. - Bing & Co.
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