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I'm going to be honest here: I am extremely anxious about this release, because I have no idea what the reception of this track will be.

This is a track dedicated to those who have struggled with depression.

It started as an entry to the Minimalist Contest, and it still is that, but it has become something more than that - something I am proud of as a standalone work of art. I honestly think this may be my best track yet, despite its simplicity and the low amount of work involved in its creation. It is my hope that this is a track that has a message that goes beyond being a Line Rider track.

Okay, enough blabbering from me. Watch the track. Tell me what you think.

(Oh also -  I'm starting a new thing where I release projects here on Patreon first, before it goes public. This was released first to my patrons and then made visible to the public 2 days later)

Long live Line Rider!

Ben / Rabid

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