Broken Mods - June 3 2020 | 1.63.133

Today is patch day, and as usual things break. This time... it's a lot for me. Every single one of my mods needs some kind of update and is broken in one way or another. 
I will update this post as I update my mods. So please check back here for official updates on the status of my mods. 
I will try my best to have all of my mods updated as soon as possible. 
SCCO may take more time than the other mods. As I have to go fix thousands of EA recipes to add the new changes made for the Eco Living update. I have been working all day and have about a 1/2 of the base game recipes finished and updated. 

Srsly's Mod Status - UPDATED:

  • Simulation Lag Fix - Download 
  • Purchase Antidote All Computers - Download 
  • Choosy Choices Vending Machine - Download 
  • Purchase Custom Seeds - Download 
  • Pet Vending Machines Anywhere - Download 
  • Srsly's Complete Alchemy Overhaul - Download 
  • Srsly's Blank Save - Download 
  • World Rename Tool - Download 
  •  Srsly's Complete Cooking Overhaul (SCCO) - Download (*NOTE: there are 2 small bugs with this update, one being the grand breakfast, the other is the eco life juice fizzer not accepting ingredients. This is also an EA error that I also experience on a nonmodded brand new save. I am trying to see if I can fix this issues but we might have to wait for EA.


Patch Notes: 


Please do NOT @ me to ask the status of my mods. 

I am working on updating them as quick as possible.



Be sure to come join my Public Discord 'Srsly's Lounge' for update announcements and more! 
Once there, be sure to read over the #Welcome section and #role_yourself for @ mentions. 

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