Broken - Part Eight (A Mother's Love)
I got home to find that things were not as I had imagined.  They were much worse.

When I got in sight of the bungalow, I saw my mother sitting out on the porch, looking despondent.  She stood up when she saw me and squinted.  She reached for her glasses to confirm I was the one walking towards her, before she began to run towards me and embraced me in her arms.

"Kemi!  Kemi!  Your sister has returned home oh," she had shouted at the top of her lungs.

Kemi came out of the house and stood at the porch looking on at me.  I could tell she wasn't happy to see me.  I pulled her in my arms and hugged her.  "Hey, Sweet Kay, I missed you," I said, fondly.

"Ummm..." Kemi muttered, pulling away from me.  We had been so close when we were younger.  My leaving must have hurt her more than I realised.

"Is Toyin home?  What about Papa?" I asked, when we entered the dark house.  It was evening time, and there was no light as usual from NEPA.  There was only a small kerosene lantern to lighten the room, where we all sat...