Broken Wings PART II
       When my mother was alive, she used to give me everything I wanted, she was working very hard to put me in a good condition so I should not have to envy anyone. I remembered when I got my first part time job, it was difficult for me to deal with it and my classes at the same time. That was too much stuffs going on my life at the same time. I used to cry like a little baby in front of my mother about that, and she was always comprehensible. Later on, she asked me to quit that job, because school was the most important and I got to be focused on. Happy I was like when I was opening my Christmas gifts during my childhood. I never thought my easy life will become so difficult one day. Mother passed away and left beyond few money on my bank account. I never been an organized person or used to deal with too much money over a long period. After five months, all the money was gone. I started to sell some of our home’s stuffs to get some money to pay the bills and feed myself. During this though period, I only got one friend around who really helped me. She advised me to get a job in order to try to go back on track. I really tried but each job I got, I quit after one month. Despite my difficult financial situation, I was still acting like working was not necessary for me. I started to borrow money from the only friend I had, only if I knew I could not pay her back. It seems that she had a lot of money because she was not worried at the beginning if I could repay her or not, and also she was not complaining about the fact I could not repay her and asked her again for some money over and over. In spite of the huge amount of money she gave me, it was still possible for her to afford luxury stuffs. She never had to work, but her pocket was always full of cash. Over time, I was questioning her on where all of that money came from. She was always trying to fool me by beating around the bush, until one weekend when she invited me to come with her to a private party. That day, she early came to my place. She tried to dress me up with some sexy clothes she brought, put me some makeup and others things. I never felt so good in my skin since I lost everything. But I was wondering why she was doing all of that. I started asking her questions over and over until she gave in. She was basically saying that she was being well reward by spending time with some old men. Spending time with some old men to get money? What does it mean? I wanted to ask her those questions, but before I even opened my mouth, she told me ‘Do not ask me no more questions. All I can say it is an easy money. Anyway, you have nothing to lose so why not coming with me, unless you want to go to work full time to make in a month what I make in one weekend’. At this point, money was my priority so what I have to do to get it was careless.