Brom Inspired Demon (Zbrush Study) + Wallpaper
Sorry for the uninspired title here, what would be your capture? 

And yes it is the same model as from this previous post here .

I´m really pulling this through right now, which is the best cirumstance for learning something new. This piece is about all the collected bits of knowledge I have exercised in the past few weeks. It is also a tribute to Brom and Anthony Jones.

Workflow is from DAZ3d to Zbrush, from Zbrush to Keyshot and from there to Photoshop.  At the end of this month and for my dear patrons, I will try to do a step-by-step article of the rundown from basic sketchy thumbnail idea to every single programm and what I did there.

As a thank you, attached to this post you find a hi-res wallpaper of this piece. Feel free to use or share it. 



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