BronyCon 2017 - Vivlog
Hoowee, it's Vivlog time!

For the first time since I got my fancy new camera I went to a convention, likewise I thought it'd be fun to record myself doing the rounds and having the fun... What I didn't expect was to end up with 4+ hours of footage by the time I got back, meaning I had a ton to edit and plop into a video. That being said, it is now done!

Videos of this length are not something me nor my computer is used to in any way, the render took 10 hours to complete and I rendered this video more than once, which wasn't so fun.

...I mean, I only rendered it twice, but that's still a full 20 hours my rendering computer is entirely unusable. Likewise, when I finally went to uploading it it didn't cross my mind to leave it unlisted for Patrons for the first day or so. Whoops. (I hope you forgive me)

In any case, this video is basically a "Super Vivcast" if you will, with a higher production value and... Visuals. So, fans of that old show will likely enjoy this two-hour spectacular.

Next on my plate work-wise is Brony Polka Animated (Yes, again), perhaps a mini-revamp of my schedule to make videos more frequent (Having my channel be quiet for weeks on end is not fun for me nor my viewers), and with it perhaps an update video to keep all my YouTube subscribers updated on all the stuff I've kept my Twitter and Patreon follows updated on. This is something that hadn't really crossed my mind and I feel a little dumb not realizing that not everybody over on YouTube knows what I'm doing over on these other sites.

Anyways, there's a full two hours of video that I hope y'all enjoy. Have fun!

- Viva