BronyCon Update
Hello everyone! I have a few


exciting things to share with you!

First off, BronyCon is in just a few days! [July 8-10.] This will be my 5th time attending, and just like last year I will be on the Bronies React panel alongside a few other members of the team. I'm super excited but also super nervous, so wish me luck!

The panel is Friday at 9:45 PM in Mane Event's Hall.

Also related to BronyCon are a number of new videos I have planned! I hope to have the usual sins video out later this month, although it may be delayed because I also have plans for an Everything Wrong With BronyCon, the usual BronyCon vlog, and a brand new PMV which I entered into a contest panel. [If you're a patron, check out a preview in an earlier post!]

So, even if you're not able to attend BronyCon there are still tons of things to look forward to! I hope to stream from my phone while at BronyCon, although since I'm limited to 3G and only 2GB worth of data it probably wouldn't be for very long or very high quality. I don't know exactly when that stream would be, so keep an eye on my channel and consider enabling subscription notifications on YouTube if that's the sort of thing you'd want to see!

Thank you so much for your support, both in viewership and of course Patreon pledges. Your moral support is what keeps me going, and your Patreon pledges are assisting my trip to BronyCon greatly. Thanks again!