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You should hate me. I have no idea why you have stayed by my side...

We lost everything back then and what do I do?

I try to fix it and everything takes a turn for the worst...

I could've died and yet you saved my life.

(With some help of course.)

I got my strength back again and we started on this journey that would change everything for us.

The things we have seen I could never put into words;

Some of them were beautiful while others were terrifying.

We've lost friends along the way but we've also gained new ones.

The people we come in contact with,

They pity us, don't they, brother?

But we don't need their pity.

We can take care of ourselves and each other.

(And maybe even them as well!)

As time passes, we continue to get stronger.

Both mentally and physically.

I can feel it everyday.

As long as we continue to push ourselves and do the right thing,

I know we can make it till the end.

This is my promise to you, my brother.

Sorry for missing my Monday posting, you guys! What with the hurricane and everything, yesterday was kinda stressful. All safe here though! This is my first Patron only poem, I'll post a public poem later this week.