Brotherly solidarity
Doodle comic of A.C.'s mom being an asshole, embarrassing him making him wear a bikini top, so his brother puts one on too so he wouldn't feel as embarrassed.

D.C. honestly has no fucks to give, just what-ever dude. XD


  • Jennis having no common sense, A.C.'s just a dude letting his junk hang out
  • Lalitha "Lita" Fedora Winter, a Starfinder character I made
  • Lucha-chu
  • Poly drew some gift art of my Cammy-chu and I kinda liked how she handled her legs so testing it on A.C./D.C. ... I don't like it.
  • A.C. doodles
  • Jennis Pin-up idea
  • A.C. in pants
  • Trying to figure out what Lita looked like.
  • Doodles of myself when I was trying to draw the RC bros. LP cosplay thing
  • Forgotten Poke-queers
  • Trying to figure out what Lita looked like. (4)

I'm prolly gonna like, batch upload all of the sketches and finished art I did this year. If y'all care enough I can put previous years in zip too.

There's more sketches but like... ugh. I'm hoping we can switch back to Time Warner so the internet doesn't suck.

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