Browse games by Steam review score and VR features

Small update today!

View Steam review scores and various other details on game pages

On game pages, the column on the right includes more details:

  • Short description of the game
  • Steam review score (e.g. Overwhelmingly Positive)
  • SteamDB rating
  • Release date

  • VR support/features

Filter games by VR support/features

The existing feature filter has been expanded to include various VR properties. For example, filter by "HTC Vive", "Oculus Rift" or "Valve Index" to find games that your VR headset supports!

Steam review scores vs. SteamDB ratings

Previously when viewing a list of games, Steam Hunters displayed the SteamDB rating (%) by default in the rightmost column. This has changed in today's update. Now it shows the Steam review scores by default. If you sort games by this column, Overwhelmingly Positive games will appear on top, followed by Very Positive games, followed by Positive games, Mostly Positive, Mixed, Mostly Negative, etc. This is identical to how Steam sorts their games by user reviews.

If you preferred the SteamDB ratings, you can re-enable them in the settings.

Display Steam percentages instead of SH percentages

Another option has been added to the settings. Check this box if you prefer seeing Steam percentages over SH percentages.

If you have this option enabled, you will see a Steam icon next to the achievement's percentage. The SH % and rarity (Common, Uncommon, etc.) will be displayed in a tooltip.

Various other features/bugfixes

  • Incorrect achievement rarity percentage ranges were shown on profile stats pages.

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