Browser Notifications!
Hey friends!

I'm still plunking away at the proper notifications system, but for now, enjoy the lightweight browser push notifications.

They'll only stick around for about 20 seconds, and right now work on one machine, BUT, this might help you catch some stray forum replies on an active thread you started!

Currently, the notification types are:

- Comment on your image
- Favorite on your image
- Reply to your forum post

More notification types might come, as well as individual toggles to turn them off and on.

To get started, head over to your Dashboard, click "Settings > Notifications" and click the "Enable" button (Or "Fix It?") until you see a notification from your Browser that everything's working.

This will be available for Patrons only until I can get the rest of the notification system worked out, and as always, the first look on that will be posted here for you guys. Thanks again for all your support!

-- Mau.

(Also: Some Patrons were not automatically reported to Refsheet, I'm going to work to manually import them very soon!)