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Brusho Love
Hi there patrons!! I'm back with your second video for this excited about this one :) I've been having so much fun with brusho lately, and wanted to show how to paint flowers that I think are do-able for even those who aren't the drawing type, and I hope this video makes it possible!


Wanted to say a big thanks for all you guys do to support my work - comments you leave as well as your pledges. Every time I get the email from patron that they processed your gifts - I get a HUGE warm fuzzy when I think of just how many people are in this wonderful patron family. I've got a big stack of rewards that are ready to write out and mail in February....which makes me all kinds of happy!


I'm starting to work on a plan for more classes coming up on the blog and would love some feedback from you guys to get some ideas started.  I have an idea for a Copic texture technique class - 30 days, 30 techniques, 5 minute videos....unless that sounds like it'll be too annoying to hear from me every day? lol. But what else would you guys like to see?